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We all scream for ice cream

by Sam Kusic on July 08, 2012 12:15 AM

Ice cream is a standby for many people and is a great way to celebrate any occasion.

Ella Wells, 6, of Marion Center, and her mother, Amy, spent the day pond fishing with bread and worms. And the fish apparently were biting -- they wound up catching a bass. They later celebrated the catch with an ice cream.

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Jacob Bartol, 13, of Shamokin, Northumberland County, and his cousins, Rocco Fanella, 12, Hunter Fanella, 8, and Dominic Fanella, 4, were out with their grandmother, Kathy Fanella, of Shamokin, who was in town to spend some time with the kids.

"I swore we weren't going anywhere today, but it was beautiful (outside)," she said. Plus she said it was easier to take the children out to eat rather than to try to cook for them. "I never cooked for six kids in my life," she said.

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There are, to be sure, any number of flavors of ice cream and any number of ways to eat it. Even better, there are any number of excuses for eating it.

The excuse for Marge and Sam Patterson, of North Point, on one recent day, was their grandson, Mason Melito, 8, who was visiting from New Jersey. As his grandmother puts it, he was here for "Grammy Camp."

So after spending the afternoon hunting for "treasure" in a geocaching game, they decided to stop for an ice cream at The Home Made Ice Cream Shoppe in Home. Mason ordered a waffle cone.

"It's great," he said.

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Tammy Gromley, of Burrell Township, and Duke, a 6-year-old Brittany spaniel, enjoyed an ice cream cone recently. Gromley and her daughter, Brittany, 14, said Duke loves ice ream. “He eats it like a person,” she said. In fact, they said, the mention of the words “McDonald’s” and “ice cream” is enough to get Duke to run for the car.

That’s no surprise to Dave Chaek, owner of Chaek’s in Blairsville.
“Some of our best customers over the years have been dogs,” he said.

Following a successful yard sale along Ninth Street in Indiana the other week, the Cikowski, Nath and Smith families, all neighbors, decided to invest the proceeds in an evening of pizza and, later, an ice cream.

So how successful was the yard sale?

“It was better for some than for others,” said David Smith.

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Friends Virginia Bell and Betty Gearhart, both of Homer City, relaxed with a peanut butter Oreo swirl and a vanilla cone after spending the day together.

The two did a little shopping and then went to dinner.
“Us old people have to get out and enjoy ourselves,” said Bell.
Did they find any deals?

“We picked up some stuff and put it back,” she said. “That’s what we usually do.”

Gearhart, incidentally, was celebrating her 89th birthday.

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Dave Graff, his wife, Heidi, and their children, Jonathan and Adria, celebrated the purchase of a new car by heading out for an ice cream recently. The Blairsville couple purchased a new Chrysler 200 sedan. In tungsten, just the perfect color, said Heidi.

As the kids sat in the car, David enjoyed a Reese’s peanut butter arctic swirl.

“That’s my standby,” he said.

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