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WEEKLY ONLINE POLL RESULT: BMI doesn't mean too much

on July 05, 2012 10:45 AM

Most people who responded to our most recent online poll say they don't put much stock in BMI, or body mass index, a number that indicates whether you are overweight or right on track.

We asked, "How closely do you monitor your BMI?"

The results:

35 percent (48 votes): My waist size tells me more than some calculation.

23 percent (32): I don't understand how a number can mean the same thing to everyone, so I am skeptical.

15 percent (21): I believe it is important to know, so I keep track of my BMI.

15 percent (21): I've heard about BMI but haven't given it much thought.

7 percent (10): This is the first I've heard of a BMI.

2 percent (3): I'm starting to learn more from my doctor or websites.

2 percent (3): Other

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Results will be published Wednesday.

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