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WHITE TOWNSHIP: Planners approve Sheetz's request for expansion

by HEATHER ROTH on May 15, 2013 11:00 AM

The White Township Planners approved plans to remodel the Sheetz store at Ben Franklin and Warren Roads at their monthly meeting Tuesday night.

The final site plan includes a 1,400-square-foot addition, with space in the back for a walk-in cooler and a canopy-area in the front. They were approved pending appropriate building permits.

Also Tuesday, the planners approved a 0.3-acre side-lot addition to Tim Pittman’s property at 621 College Lodge Road; a final subdivision of Indiana County Municipal Services Authority’s property at 602 Kolter Drive into a 2.4-acre lot and a 4-acre lot, both accessing Kolter Drive through a shared driveway; and a final site plan for an Allstate sign on Route 119 North.

The planners also voted to allow Tyson Swain, to demolish his dilapidated garage at 74 East Pike and build a new one extending 1 foot away from the existing one. The planners agreed the modification improved the existing conditions. Planners also offered comment to two sketch plans.

They recommended Gregory Lake and Tannen Stahley-Lake tie into the township sewer lines as part of their plans to build a medical office on their property at 163 Plaza Road and asked to see sewage flows, a parking lot plan and a stormwater plan. And they recommended B&L Properties II decrease the number of units planned for a building at 550 Grandview Ave. so as to stay within the township’s density limits and to keep from having to extend a parking lot over an alley.

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