Dr. Geofrey Mills

Dr. Geofrey Mills

An experienced university administrator and faculty member with expertise in economics and finance has been selected to serve as interim dean of the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Geofrey T. Mills, a published scholar with three Fulbright Fellowships who has held administrative posts at eight different colleges and universities all over the world, will begin work at IUP on Wednesday.

“Dr. Mills is a great fit for the Eberly College and for our academic leadership group,” IUP Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Timothy Moerland said in a news release.

“He has an incredible depth of experience and knowledge and he is a dedicated globalist and champion of economic equity and social justice.

“I feel confident he will hit the ground running and continue to move the Eberly College forward in all possible ways.”

Dr. Robert Camp, who served as dean of the Eberly College for the past 32 years, announced in February that he would retire on June 30. Following his retirement, Camp will join the faculty of the Eberly College.

“We owe Dr. Camp an incredible debt of gratitude for his leadership and for all of his contributions to IUP and to the Eberly College,” Dr. Moerland said. “He has been a very strategic leader and a tireless advocate for his students, for his college, and for IUP. His global perspective has been invaluable in expanding the outreach of the Eberly College and IUP to countries all over the world.

“His transition to the classroom is a win for everyone,” Moerland said. “Our students will gain a great deal from his experience and his commitment to academic excellence, and we are very happy to have him continue as a member of the IUP community, as we can continue to benefit from his wise counsel.”

Mills’ career in administration includes a wealth of experience in faculty development, international higher education, accreditation, and branch campus management.

In addition to his administrative positions, Mills has held faculty appointments and taught in MBA programs at numerous institutions in both North America and abroad.

“This is a defining moment for higher education as the nation and the world needs an innovative and robust university sector more than it ever has before to advance education for citizenship, economic and workforce development and a positive social agenda,” Mills said. “At the Eberly College, we help change the world through the power of management education.”

In a long and varied career, Mills has held upper administrative positions as a dean and academic vice president in both the United States and globally.

He has extensive international experience in East Asia, the Middle East and Europe, and takes much pride in the fact that he has maintained an active presence in the classroom as a professor at each of his institutions.

Mills earned a bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. in economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana and completed studies for a Certificate in Global Affairs from New York University.

He is currently completing work for a Change Management Certificate from Cornell University.