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PHYLLIS CLARK: Cyber vs. brick-mortar schools
222 weeks ago -
I am responding to Vicki Smith’s March 15 letter to the editor regarding the cost of cyber schools. [Read More]
MARCY LAPINSKY: Our fellow beings (both human and animal)
222 weeks ago -
We wonder why our country is in the shape it’s in. Well, let’s consider the article appearing in The Indiana Gazette on March 18, “Animal advocates decry bills.” [Read More]
SAM SHUTTER: On reforming immigration
222 weeks ago -
What about giving illegal immigrants in this country a yellow, green or whatever color card that would allow them to obtain work, and Immigration and Customs Enforcement would know who and where they are? [Read More]
TRACY LEVITZ: A key to walkability
222 weeks ago -
Concerning the Indiana Free Library’s present situation, no one could’ve said it better than Thomas L. Harris in his recent letter to the Gazette (“Let Indiana library buy building for $1”). [Read More]
McCLELLAN BLAIR: Weapons and the U.S. Constitution
222 weeks ago -
Leftists demonize conservatives and the Founding Fathers as the Siamese twins of religious fanatics. [Read More]
ALLEN W. LOCKARD: Schram right about VA delays
222 weeks ago -
The column by Martin Schram in the March 15 Gazette (“VA’s growing backlog needs attention now”) was right on target. [Read More]
AS I SEE IT: Beware the Ides of March
222 weeks ago -
President Obama’s alarmist tone on the coming perils from sequestration brings to mind the prophetic warning of Shakespeare’s soothsayer to Julius Caesar before his death. [Read More]
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