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KENWOOD — Penns Manor Area School District’s ongoing game of board musical chairs has a new chapter after Thursday’s board meeting.

Earlier in the day, the district received the resignation of Dr. Paul Boston from the board. A reason was not disclosed at Thursday’s meeting.

The board accepted Boston’s resignation and voted to hold a special voting meeting Oct. 7 at 7 p.m., prior to the board’s monthly committee meeting.

Oct. 14, when the board was scheduled to hold its next voting meeting, falls outside the 30-day limit where a replacement can be made.

In addition, the resignation falls within 60 days of the 2021 general election — meaning a replacement would serve through the next school board election in 2023.

The musical chairs began, tragically, with the Jan. 27 death of longtime board Vice President Ronald P. Beilchick, of Pine Township, due to complications from COVID-19.

On Feb. 11, Tammy Dalton, of Heilwood, was chosen to succeed Beilchick in Pine Township, also known as Region 3 in the Penns Manor Area District.

Dalton since has won both party nods for one of two seats up for grabs from Region 3. She is on the Democratic ballot along with Kacy Crowley, and on the GOP ballot along with fellow incumbent Richard J. Polenik.

On March 11, citing his move out of Clymer Borough, district Region 1, into Cherryhill Township, Region 2, Robert R. Packer resigned as a school board member, a role he had for 30 years, and as board president, a role he had for 29 years.

He ran on both party ballots in Region 2, defeating incumbent Ronald J. Larch who ran only as a Republican.

On April 8, Lisa Smiley was chosen from among three candidates to succeed Packer in Region 1.

Her appointment came too late for her to file for a place on the May 18 ballot, but she was able by write-ins to win both Democratic and Republican nominations.

Amid a meeting that also had 90 minutes of arguments over the state’s mask mandate, there was a full agenda of personnel and business matters.

Personnel matters approved by the board included:

• Loralie Wheeler as a guest teacher for 2021-22.

• Katelyn Marsh as a long-term substitute elementary art teacher.

• Sarah Carrozza (Special Ed PreK-8; Grades PreK-4) and Amber Stewart (Elementary) as day-to-day substitute teachers.

• The resignation of Robert Paronish as head baseball coach.

• The resignations of Robin Romanchik and Rebecca Wallace as instructional assistants.

The board also approved these bus drivers and substitutes for TriCounty Transportation:

• Kaci Dickey

• Ashley Neiswonger

• Cassandra Long

• Anthony Burba

• James Barnes

• Ann Burkey

• Travis Whitney

Business matters approved by the board included:

• Revised policies for Local Board Procedures and Public Participation in Board Meetings.

• A one-year, $50,929 commercial liability insurance proposal from CMRegent as presented by Walbeck Insurance Agency.

• A two-year new home construction tax abatement application from Danielle Vasbinder, of Clymer, subject to review by the Indiana County Board of Property Assessment Appeals and the county’s chief assessor.

• An engagement agreement with the Reschini Group to assist the district in the completion of its reporting requirements as mandated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, for a minimum fee of $500.

• A quote in the amount of $25,195.06 for a three-year agreement with Liminex DBA GoGuardian to provide monitoring, filtering and reporting for student devices.

• A $4,550 contract with Citizens’ Ambulance for all home football games, as well as coverage for the enrolled student body while on school premises or participating in school activities between July 1, 2021, and June 30, 2022, with extra services being billed at $135 per hour.

• A Student Assistance Program Agreement between the District and Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission for 2021-22.

The board also approved a series of Family Medical Leave requests.

And it approved a slate of officers for the Pennsylvania School Boards Association, including Sabrina Backer of Franklin Area for president-elect, Allison Mathis of North Hills for vice president, and Edward Brown of Upper Darby for East Zone Representative, and for PSBA Insurance Trust trustees Richard Frierichs, William LaCoff and Nathan Mains.