Chris Anderson

Assistant township manager Chris Anderson detailed plans for the third phase of a stormwater drainage system for Chevy Chase during Wednesday’s meeting.


Contracts covering projects throughout White Township were on the agenda at a Wednesday afternoon meeting of the township board of supervisors.

The board awarded Stiffler McGraw a $25,100 contract to provide engineering services for the third phase of stormwater work in the Chevy Chase neighborhood.

The board of supervisors also authorized an optional additional payment of $2,000, should Stiffler McGraw need to obtain a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit.

The Indiana consulting firm was the low bidder among eight companies seeking the engineering contract. Other bids ranged from $32,510 to $91,778, with four firms also proposing optional work.

Township Manager Milt Lady said the engineering work is to be completed by July 31, with construction work to begin late this fall.

An indemnity agreement was approved in connection with the planned 50,000-square-foot expansion of the garage at the Indiana County Transit Authority or IndiGO maintenance complex along Rose Street.

“There’s only so many places where one can discharge stormwater,” Assistant Township Manager Chris Anderson said, “and one being a state highway drainage system. In order to allow for that connection, PennDOT requires that the township be the applicant for the (highway occupancy permit) connection. In turn, White Township has a indemnity agreement which the developer signs which says even though White Township is the applicant, they will still own, maintain, install, do the inspection and be responsible for the connection.”

The board also awarded Thomas R. Harley Associates of Indiana a contract that could cost between $2,800 and $3,500 for design services toward a state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources grant application for a playground and stormwater maintenance of a parking lot in the White Township Recreation Complex.

Stiffler McGraw entered a $5,000 bid for that work. Township officials said they were comfortable with both firms.

There also was the award of a $2,200 to $2,900 contract to Harley for a second, long-term job, developing preliminary plans for an amphitheater that could be built in the recreation complex.

It would seat 1,000 to 2,000 people, with the acoustics set up to aim any sound toward the nearby interchange of Route 286 and East Pike.

However, township officials said funding for that project probably won’t happen this year.

Lady also reported a $4,442.50 payment to Millstone Land Management LLC for its work clearing out invasive plant species on 29 acres of the recreation complex.

The board also approved a resolution updating the township’s emergency operations plan and the continuity of operations plan, the latter involving a move if necessary of county operations from the courthouse to the S&T Bank Arena.

The board also filled vacancies on some agencies, while forgoing some others.

Supervisor Sandra Gillette was added to the township’s Comprehensive Plan Committee.

David Smith was added as an alternate to the Construction Code Appeals Board.

Ken Deabenderfer was added as a farm property owner and board Chairman George Lenz, also a property owner, was added as a supervisor to the Ag Security Advisory Board.

Action was tabled until next month regarding vacancies on the White Township Municipal Authority and the Joint Sewer Coordinating Committee.