Purchase Line High School building 02

The Purchase Line School Board approved the following items at its meeting on Monday:

• General Fund Financial Reports for January with a beginning balance of $9,214,105.84, cash receipts of $448,949.39, disbursements $2,181,750.37 bringing the net change of tax accounts to $106,979.01, bringing total cash and investments to $7,374,325.85. Capital reserves began with a balance of $1,193,498.19 with one payment of $243,605.96 bringing total cash and investments to $949,892.23.

• General fund payments totaling $452,183.43.

• Treasurer reports for the food service fund with a beginning balance of $125,758.52, with cash receipts of $48,844.75, disbursements of $85,201.88 bringing the total cash and investments to $89,401.39.

• Food service fund payments totaling $25,514.73.

• Student activity accounts summary for January totaling $74,410.67 for all accounts.

• The hiring of an assistant track coach Daniel Learn and assistant softball coach Jeremy Bracken for the 2019-20 school year at the entry level salaries of $2,000.

• Additional volunteers for baseball, Austin Alessi, Robert Ferguson, Brenton Kordish and Dawn Smith; softball, Madilyn Ober and Mikhala Stover; and track, Karen Conrad, Erica Engle, Max Falisec and Ashley Stanischa.

• The audit report for the school year ended June 30, 2019.

• A new bus stop request 3099 Grisemore Road, Clymer.

• The 2020-21 calendar was met with a single no vote from Raymond Kauffman, who raised questions regarding PIAA practice which is scheduled near the beginning of the calendar during an in service period. The discussion centered around how things will be handled to accommodate the practices during this period. Superintendent Shawn Ford also mentioned that he has never seen the calendar set up in a way before and that it will affect a lot of people and it is very much a shared concern. Many other schools will also be in the same boat, he said.

• A school community picnic at Idlewild Park on May 23.

• A building request for the Little Gridders to use the high school gymnasium and lobby for a football clinic on March 5, 12, 19 and 26 from 6 to 8 p.m. with a request for building fees to be waived.

• High school principal Eric Thomas’ request for a staff member and three students to attend the PMEA Region II Chorus Festival at Corry High School from Feb. 27-29, along with $891.06 and the use of a school van from district funds.

• Another request from Thomas for staff members and 27 students to take a National Honor Society trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo on May 8, along with $610.06 and bus transportation from district funds.

Kauffman put forth a question regarding the changing of the design of varsity jacket after hearing some talk about students not liking the change. Thomas said that there is a move to update the dragon design which may help lessen costs for the jackets. There are still options open and they are looking more into the change. As of right now, Thomas is planning to look into getting more information as to why the change is taking place. Kauffman said that the issue is not one that would need brought to the board, but mostly for personal knowledge so that he could answer any questions he may receive with an accurate answer.

Dawn Ambrisco, special education supervisor had no requests for the board, but she wanted to mention the mandatory training the department went through for the PASSA, the alternative test for the state. The training allowed them to assess that the correct students are taking the test. They found that too many students were taking the test and have brought the total students down to the level where the state wants them to be. The students removed from taking this test will now be taking the PSSAs, which may impact scores in the future.

Maintenance and custodial supervisor Carl Jones said a project in the gym hallway will begin this week. Ford also praised the projects around the gym.

Pamela Gardner with ARIN said the board approved the general operating budget at the January meeting with no increases to the school district. The final report will be sent out to the school districts soon for their approval. There will also be an ARIN meeting later this month despite having not been scheduled previously. There will also be a scheduling conflict with the ARIN conference and the National Honor Society banquet.

An email was also read by elementary principal Travis Monroe from a retired teacher who now lives in the community and helps volunteer at the school. She praised the district for their staff and teachers for inspiring the love of reading in their students. She also wrote thanking them for allowing her to volunteer, as it reminded her of why she became a teacher in the first place.