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CLYMER — Borough Council had a light agenda Wednesday night, highlighted by its ratifying Manager Sonya Schrenkel’s hiring of Daniel Barnes as temporary winter help for snow removal, at $12 an hour.

Schrenkel told council she hoped to complete the work by month’s end on applications for a $46,000 grant and $34,800 loan from the United States Department of Agriculture.

That money will go toward the purchase of two new police cruisers.

Council tabled the only other action on its agenda, a Vacation Request Procedure policy, possibly until council’s committee meeting on Jan. 19. Council’s next regular voting meeting will be on Feb. 2.

Mayor Christina King reported $1,505.18 in revenue last month, $900 from 30 hours of police service to Marion Center and the rest in fines from Clymer Magisterial District Judge Christopher S. Welch.

No parking meter revenue or parking meter or state police fines were reported.

Fire Chief John Gromley presented a year-in-review for the Clymer Volunteer Fire Company Number 1, which tackled 142 incidents in 2021, including 27 building fires, 19 EMS assists, 18 “good intent” matters, 18 motor vehicle accidents with injuries, 16 calls where dispatches were canceled en route, 15 stand-by assignments, 11 downed power lines, five motor vehicle accidents with no injuries, four brush fires, four gas leaks, two carbon monoxide incidents, one “fire of other nature,” one vehicle fire and one hazardous condition.

Gromley said the average amount of time spent on scene was 66 minutes, and the average number of responders per incident was eight.

The top five responders were Gromley’s son Brett (108), Gromley (89), Dan Barnes (80), Ed Cochran (77) and Jim Zimmerman (74).

Also, Schrenkel said, borough street crews are still collecting Christmas trees, and plan to take Christmas lights down from borough poles on Friday.