Richie Kerner

Richie Kerner

People who work in the business of producing a daily newspaper sometimes refer to the finished product that rolls off the printing press as a daily miracle.

And there are times when it does indeed seem to be just that, especially in uncertain times such as these.

 In reality, getting The Indiana Gazette into your hands every day involves not a miracle, but a complex process that brings together the efforts of dozens of people, from reporters, photographers and editors to advertising sales representatives, business office employees, computer technicians, pressmen, distribution and circulation workers, and the independent contractors who deliver the paper.

Even in this time of upheaval and uncertainty, our employees continue to work — some from offsite, some still in the physical building — to gather news and produce a daily edition, a function deemed life-sustaining under Gov. Tom Wolf’s emergency order. In that vein, the Gazette is highlighting employees at the company that contribute to the production of the newspaper to give readers insight into some of the people who toil behind the scenes on behalf of the community.

Richie Kerner, who has been with the company for 4ᄑ years, is in charge of all of the Gazette’s route drivers in Indiana Borough in addition to subscription sales in the borough. Before joining the Gazette, he worked for almost three decades in the food service industry at Hoss’s, Cracker Barrel and Aramark at IUP.

Kerner, of Deckers Point, has four daughters — ages 18, 14, 12 and 6 — and a 30-year-old son, Mason.

In his spare time he enjoys listening to music and watching football and racing.