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BABE WAXPAK/SPORTS COLLECTIBLES: Signed yearbook has some value

by BABE WAXPAK Scripps Howard News Service on May 26, 2013 2:10 AM

Dear Babe: I have a 1977 Boston Red Sox yearbook/program that has autographs of a number of team members — most of which are signed next to their photos. The book is signed by Don Zimmer, Fred Lynn, Butch Hobson, George Scott, Luis Tiant, Dwight Evans, Fergie Jenkins, Denny Doyle, Bill Lee, Carl Yastrzemski, Steve Dillard, Tom Murphy, Bob Stanley, Ed Yost, Johnny Pesky, Dick Stockton (broadcaster), Ken Harrelson (broadcaster), John Kiley (organist, no picture in book), Ken Hough (no picture), Rick Miller (no picture) and Charlie Moss (trainer, no picture).

— Allen Ouellette, Kingston, N.H.

Obviously, the first yearbook is much more desirable, since it has the signatures of Carl Yastrzemski, Fergie Jenkins along with Johnny Pesky and Fred Lynn.

Da Babe checked with Mike Gutierrez, consignment director for Heritage Auctions (, and Mike Heffner, president of, for a value. They valued the signed yearbook at $75-$100.

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Dear Babe: As a young man in Ephrata, Wash., I became great friends with Arthur “Mike” Hunt, a Pacific Coast League player years ago.

He gave me four bats: a Hank Greenberg Louisville Slugger, 40; a H.S. Cuyler Louisville Slugger, 40H, “Powerized” (in gold letters); a George Brett K55 Louisville Slugger; and a Mickey Mantle MM2 Louisville Slugger.

— Bill Warner, Redding, Calif.

You’ve got bats from a quartet of Hall of Famers, but they are not game-used, which makes a huge difference when it comes to value.

“All are store models,” said Mike Heffner, president of

“Game models would have 125 in the center brand. Not 40. On the Brett bat, if the 4 is stamped on the knob, it is a store model. The 4 would signify 34 inches on a store model bat. For store models, the value depends on condition. In nice condition, Cuyler is around $100 and Greenberg is $200. The Mantle depends on the era that it was made. If it’s from the 1950s or ’60s then maybe $100 to $150 if (it’s in) nice shape. If it’s from the 1970s or ’80s, then around $35. The Brett bat has almost no value as a store model — maybe $10.”

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BABE NOTE: 2013 Bowman baseball is on hobby store shelves, featuring autos of the top two 2012 draft picks, a wrapper redemption offer, chrome refractor minis of the top five prospects in each organization and blue sapphire refractor reprints.

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