Kids Day farmers market 988

Twins Max and Alex Cirelli, 4, flattened and pressed flowers Saturday at Kids’ Day at the Indiana Farmers’ Market under the watchful eye of their mother, Jill Cirelli, of Indiana.

The market is held every Saturday from 9 a.m. to noon in the S&T Bank parking lot at Eighth and Church streets.

Fresh and local vegetables will take center stage Wednesday at the Indiana County Farmers’ Market where nutritional and dietary specialists from Indiana Regional Medical Center will create culinary masterpieces that are healthy, inexpensive and delicious.  

Watch live culinary demonstrations during the farmers’ market from 3 to 5 p.m. at 1155 Wayne Ave. and again Friday during the community garden day for children at 6 p.m. at 752 S. Sixth St. (Mack Park)

According to Nettie Albohali, general manager of food and nutrition at IRMC, “We prepare and serve foods daily that are fresh and healthy to help our patients get better, while nourishing our medical teams with fresh and wholesome meals on the go.”

Albohali is employed by Cura, a food service management firm that specializes in healthcare food service.  “We’re excited to offer our culinary and nutritional expertise outside of IRMC by educating the community during the farmers’ market with ideas on how to prepare seasonal foods that are grown locally.”

Albohali will be joined by Faith Bellinger, who will both prepare homemade salsa using the community garden’s fresh vegetables and herbs, as well as fresh dips that customers can sample.

“Customers can then purchase the fresh vegetables and ingredients they need to recreate the salsas and dips at home,” Albohali said.

The Indiana County Farmers’ Market is a producer-only market offering fresh, local vegetables, fruits, flowers, baked goods, meats, eggs, dairy, honey, fermented foods, canned goods, and more. The market also features local artists, musicians, community groups, chefs, and kids’ activities during Saturday markets through Oct. 26. Customers buy directly from the growers and producers.