Oakland Cemetery announced recently the completed installation of indoor, lighted, glass-fronted niches for inurnment of cremated remains. This new option allows families to include visible mementos as a tribute to loved ones.

“This new opportunity is unique in the area and provides families the ability to view the urn containing a loved one’s ashes, as well as reminders of the life of the deceased. Items such as glasses, books, pictures and awards may be displayed for future generations to see,” said Cemetery Superintendent Dan McAnulty. “This project is a continuation of our recently opened Oakland Gardens, which offers the option of above or in-ground inurnment of cremated remains.”

Cremations account for nearly half of burials in the United States today. Oakland Cemetery has been a leader in providing multiple options for inurnments.

Oakland Gardens, in addition to the granite structures and in ground lots, features a copper Oak tree fountain statue crafted in Italy. Gentle music envelops the area to provide a solemn place to reflect on the lives of the deceased.

Aside from cremations, Oakland Cemetery continues to feature traditional, in-ground burials with areas designated for upright or flush mounted grave markers.

Oakland Cemetery was founded in 1864 and covers nearly 35 acres on the border of Indiana and White Township.

Through the careful planning of many local citizens in the past, the cemetery boasts a combined perpetual care and operation fund of nearly $4 million. This financial strength assures families that the cemetery will be cared for in perpetuity.

An open house to highlight the options available at the cemetery will be held on Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.