Indiana County Court House

Indiana County Court House

Indiana County officials have re-enacted restrictions on public access to the county courthouse, its annexes and the district courts.

In their efforts to protect the health and safety of county residents, the judges of the Court of Common Pleas and the county board of commissioners this morning said unspecified but strict limits on access to the courthouse, Domestic Relations Section, Children and Youth Services and other agencies would take effect today.

In short, no unscheduled or unexpected visitors will be permitted in county buildings.

The blanket approach to doing business with county courts and agencies is the same as the restrictions imposed during the initial wave of coronavirus in the spring, said Court Administrator Christy Donofrio.

In recent months, various offices set various policies for welcoming county residents to conduct business.

Now, all residents and those who need to conduct business with the county must telephone the courthouse in advance for an appointment and use all opportunities, such as phone or email, to complete necessary business before arranging an in-person visit.

The courts have rescheduled hearings and restricted attendance at functions in the Indiana, Clymer, Homer City and Blairsville district courts.

“You now just cannot walk in off the street,” Donofrio summarized the change.

Residents and others should call (724) 465-3800 to arrange for in-person visits.

The Indiana County board of commissioners, which has held virtual public meetings since the start of the pandemic, will continue to conduct county business on the Zoom app. Those intending to view or take part can find the link on the county website,