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Letter to the editor: Is Wolf attempting to deceive voters?
19 weeks ago -
Hunters and supporters of the Second Amendment, there is a new sportmen’s group you may want to check into. It is “Sportsmen for Wolf.” [Read More]
Letter to the editor: Importance of establishing a living wage
19 weeks ago -
A May report of the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce estimated a taxpayer cost of $3,015 per underpaid Walmart employee relying on taxpayer-funded programs (“The Walton Family: America’s New Robber Barons”). [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Borough street also problem
19 weeks ago -
I just finished reading the Oct. 9 article regarding a resident’s request to lower the speed limit on Maple Street in White Township from 35 mph to 25. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: The consequences of White's letter
19 weeks ago -
I was most pleased to read the article about Sen. Don White dissing Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (“White rips Senate leader,” Oct. 11). [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Lives changed in a split second
19 weeks ago -
My wife has been ill for a number of years and we obtained a “rescue” Yorkshire terrier named Rocky that was so scared and tiny but, boy, was he full of life. [Read More]
Letter to the editor: Dush No. 1 for northern Indiana County
20 weeks ago -
Which is the better candidate for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in District 66 (Jefferson County and northern Indiana County)? [Read More]
Letter to the editor: 9th District - A dynasty or a diffference?
20 weeks ago -
Bill Shuster’s father held the 9th Congressional District seat for 28 years, plus Bill added 13 more for a total of over 40 years, creating a Shuster dynasty. Serving in Congress should be an honor and not a lifetime career. [Read More]
Political letters deadline set
20 weeks ago - .
Tuesday, Oct. 21, at 5 p.m. is the deadline to submit letters related to the Nov. 4 election. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Stewart Museum extends appreciation
20 weeks ago -
We would like to extend our deep appreciation to the many local people and organizations that played a role in the recent James M. Stewart Museum Foundation fundraiser ... [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Rep. Reed deserving of another House term
20 weeks ago -
In order to be as brief as possible, I will get directly to the point of my letter. I have read several letters supporting a change in the leadership of our representative to state government. The thing that struck me about those letters was the sincerity of the writers. [Read More]
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