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Letter to the Editor: Discerning God's word
24 weeks ago -
Several letter writers have recently addressed the “Word of God,” especially as it speaks to the “sin” of homosexuality. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Against all odds
25 weeks ago -
I traveled to a Grant Township supervisors’ meeting about the proposed injection well that I had seen mentioned in The Indiana Gazette. At the meeting, a spokesman for the gas company said the company he represented wanted to be a “good neighbor.” [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Do conservatives live in a fact-free world?
25 weeks ago -
After several readings of McClellan Blair’s Sept. 22 letter, “Liberals know pennies’ source,” the only fact I can detect is the author’s name. Here are a few facts for Mr. Blair to ponder. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Another magician waiting to be elected
25 weeks ago -
After watching and studying the first two gubernatorial debates, I experienced flashbacks to past elections and the unfulfilled promises and failed policies. We elected a president without substance based on “Hope and Change.” [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Shelter's open, but support still needed
25 weeks ago -
Congratulations are in order to the Indiana County Humane Society and its many diverse supporters. The long-awaited animal shelter on Airport Road is now open and provides an environment designed from its inception with the needs of the animals and potential adopters in mind. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Making gas industry happier and richer
25 weeks ago -
In a recent letter, state Rep. Dave Reed dismissed critics of his voting record as part of an attack culture where “facts give way to opinion,” then painted a picture of a generous and environmentally conscious gas industry paying impact fees ... [Read More]
Letter to the editor: My votes will go for Corbett, Reed
25 weeks ago -
I am one Pennsylvanian who is not confused over political issues. That is why I intend to vote for Tom Corbett for governor and Dave Reed for legislator. [Read More]
Letter to the editor: Domestic violence has go on far too long
25 weeks ago -
Why has domestic violence in the NFL become the major story that is bringing light to an issue that has gone on far too long and is still unreported too many times today? Domestic violence! [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Save Festival of Lights
25 weeks ago -
I am writing this in response to the article about the Festival of Lights going dark after this year. [Read More]
Letter to the editor: The word of God
25 weeks ago -
Romans 1:26: “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which was against nature.” [Read More]
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