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Letter to the Editor: Lowry joins in trying to discredit Obama
31 weeks ago -
Nazi Germany’s Joseph Goebbels once said that if you tell a big lie often enough, people will eventually believe it. [Read More]
Letter to the editor: Freeberg will stand up for education
31 weeks ago -
Education funding has become a serious problem in Pennsylvania, and a vote for Kevin Freeberg, currently running for Pennsylvania House, is a step toward fixing it. [Read More]
Letter to the editor: A severance tax would affect my family
31 weeks ago -
I work in the gas and oil industry. I’m a surveyor who stakes the location of gas wells to comply with state environmental regulations. I enjoy my job, find it fulfilling and earn a fair wage. [Read More]
Letter to the editor: Don't be misled on Corbett's record
31 weeks ago -
As a parent of a special-needs child, I am truly grateful to Gov. Tom Corbett for increasing educational funding for special-needs education. In fact, this was the first increase in special-education funding in six years. [Read More]
Letter to the editor: A foul smell in Burrell Township
32 weeks ago -
I am a property owner in Burrell Township. In May 2013, I received a letter to attend a meeting with the Burrell Township Sewage Authority to discuss information about a new main forced sewer line that borders one side of my property. [Read More]
Letter to the editor: End pollution? Don't drive, eat or use energy
32 weeks ago -
I have been striving for some time along with others to try and put together a plan to curb the drastic effects of the pollution in our society today. [Read More]
Letter to the editor: Who will tell chickens they're in every pot?
32 weeks ago -
The homeowners will be joyous and the teachers will have more money to teach our kids. Those rich gas companies that employ thousands of our neighbors finally get what they deserve; make them pay. Make the coal mines pay; some of them have lots of money. [Read More]
Letter to the editor: Freeberg will advocate for middle class
32 weeks ago -
Voters of Pennsylvania’s 62nd Legislative District: For the first time in eight years, we have a choice: career politician Dave Reed or challenger Kevin Freeberg. When you choose, consider the issues: [Read More]
Letter to the editor: Is Wolf attempting to deceive voters?
32 weeks ago -
Hunters and supporters of the Second Amendment, there is a new sportmen’s group you may want to check into. It is “Sportsmen for Wolf.” [Read More]
Letter to the editor: Importance of establishing a living wage
32 weeks ago -
A May report of the U.S. House Committee on Education and the Workforce estimated a taxpayer cost of $3,015 per underpaid Walmart employee relying on taxpayer-funded programs (“The Walton Family: America’s New Robber Barons”). [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Borough street also problem
32 weeks ago -
I just finished reading the Oct. 9 article regarding a resident’s request to lower the speed limit on Maple Street in White Township from 35 mph to 25. [Read More]
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