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Political letters deadline set Political letters deadline set
1 week ago -
Tuesday, Oct. 20 , at 5 p.m. is the deadline to submit letters related to the Nov. 3 general election. [Read More]

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Letter to the Editor: Jesus' teachings would be crucified today
26 weeks ago -
Some 2000 years ago Jesus was condemned and put to death by the religious hierarchy of that day. Jesus’ crucifixion was a result of the religion of man in conflict with the righteousness and law of God. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: The birth of a tradition
27 weeks ago -
The Nell Jack article in Friday’s paper reminded me that on Good Friday over 50 years ago, four men in Indiana came up with an idea. They were Sam Jack, Bob McSorley, Ben White and me, Bob Derry. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Reasons for keeping school no longer valid
27 weeks ago -
The Indiana Area school board has long given two major reasons for keeping an elementary building open. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Hawk Family offered fans lots of excitement
27 weeks ago -
The cheering is done, the excitement has worn down, but the afterglow is still there. [Read More]
AS I SEE IT: To move forward, we must act now AS I SEE IT: To move forward, we must act now
27 weeks ago -
I truly believe that America is the greatest nation in the world. From being the first to walk on the moon, to our medical breakthroughs and technological advances, the United States has always been at the front of the pack. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Reed should back minimum wage hike
27 weeks ago -
Economics is complicated and any road that leads Indiana County residents out of poverty will be multifaceted and interrelated. On this point Rep. Dave Reed and I agree. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Citizens' a first class ambulance service
27 weeks ago -
Within the past year I have become involved as a director of Citizens’ Ambulance Service. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: County erred in backing township action
27 weeks ago -
I find it very troubling to see what the Indiana County commissioners are spending their time doing when I read that they have adopted a resolution supporting a local township’s ill-conceived and unconstitutional ban of private industry. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Tobacco tax hikes effective
28 weeks ago -
I have been a registered nurse for almost 40 years, and throughout that time I have, unfortunately, seen the toll that tobacco use takes on the patients I have cared for in the community. Sadly, my own father passed away from lung cancer at the age of 73, when his grandchildren were only toddlers. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Underground Railroad thrived near Arcadia
28 weeks ago -
Many thanks for the wonderful special section on the Underground Railroad. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Community supported homeless vets
28 weeks ago -
During the weekend of March 14 and 15, Mike Weaver and Team Red, White and Blue along with the Indiana University of Pennsylvania ROTC and an IUP fraternity held a Sleep-Out at the Walmart Supercenter to bring awareness to the homeless in Indiana County. [Read More]
Letter to the editor: We must fight against sexual assault
28 weeks ago -
April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). [Read More]
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