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How to submit a letter to the editor
3 weeks ago -
The Indiana Gazette welcomes letters to the editor and will endeavor to print readers’ letters in a timely manner. [Read More]

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Letter to the Editor: Support Indiana County Farmers' Market
3 weeks ago -
I am writing to urge the Indiana Borough council to support moving the Wednesday evening Indiana County Farmers’ Market to the new IRMC Park. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Districts differ on 'fair, equitable' funding
3 weeks ago -
I am for a fair and equitable funding school formula, as is every member of the state Legislature, the local school boards and the 12 million citizens of this commonwealth. However, this statement has very different meanings to the various groups advocating this position. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Art Halvorson's farm subsidies
3 weeks ago -
This response is to Clay Buckingham’s March 31 letter to the editor, “Attacks on Halvorson diminish Shuster.” Although I’m sure the retired general meant well, defending Art Halvorson benefiting from taxpayer-funded farm subsidies while campaigning against them. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Attacks on Halvorson diminish Shuster
3 weeks ago -
Bill Shuster’s latest smear attacks on Art Halvorson, both on TV and in a public mailing, mark Shuster as just another small-minded politician willing to slime an opponent. Shuster must be terrified at Halvorson’s rising popularity among Republican voters. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Move farmers' market to IRMC Park
4 weeks ago -
I am writing to urge residents of Indiana Borough to support our beloved Indiana County Farmers’ Market. For those of you unfamiliar with the farmers’ market, it has been a twice-weekly venue supplying fresh produce, bakery items and cultural programming in downtown Indiana for many years now. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Growing districts deserve equitable funding
4 weeks ago -
I am writing in response to Sen. Don White’s statements regarding the Pennsylvania school funding formula as reported in The Indiana Gazette on March 11. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Right can't decide how to label Obama
4 weeks ago -
In his March 19 column, “Missing: A foreign policy,” Cal Thomas joined conservatives of many stripes who can’t seem to pin a consistent label on President Obama. The gist of Thomas’ article was that Obama is weak on foreign policy, and therefore the nation is seen as weak. [Read More]
AS I SEE IT: Corbett's budget invests in education AS I SEE IT: Corbett's budget invests in education
5 weeks ago -
Investing in Pennsylvania’s children is an investment in their future and the future of Pennsylvania. Gov. Tom Corbett’s 2014-15 budget dedicates a record $12.01 billion for Pennsylvania’s early, basic and postsecondary education system. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: Redistricting article welcome
5 weeks ago -
Republican voters in Rayne and Green townships had been under the assumption that our voting districts were unaltered when the state was redistricted. [Read More]
Letter to the Editor: U.S. awash in information
5 weeks ago -
Oscar Wilde said, “By giving us the opinions of the uneducated, journalism keeps us in touch with the ignorance of the community.” [Read More]
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