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ANTHONY ANTOLIK: Tired of extremists in both parties

on March 03, 2013 2:20 AM

I have some thoughts on the so-called tea party, sequestration and whoever stole the Democratic Party. I have been absorbing as much of the news as I can and wonder what all the hullabaloo is about.

First, there is this so-called ultra-conservative tea party wing of the Republican Party, which, depending on your point of view, is either good or evil. Next is the fiscal sequestration. Again, depending on your point of view, it is either good or bad. Finally, there is the ultra-liberal wing of the Democratic Party that effectively has stolen that party from its members. Again, depending on your point of view, that may be good or bad.

I am very tired of both parties’ extremist views ruining the country. I am also very tired of the talking heads in the federal government attacking each other and not being able to responsibly solve problems. I am extremely disappointed in President Obama for his lack of leadership. I had hopes when he was first elected that he would work toward uniting our country. Instead, he has caused more division than I can ever remember.

Both sides have become ultimatum givers. That is not healthy in governing. I find it very troubling that politicians gloat when the other side gives in on something. We seem only to have one party trying to annihilate those who have a different point of view. God save us, but if that happens, we won’t elect a president, we’ll appoint a king.

It is time for those holding the reins of government in D.C. to “man” or “woman” up and stop worrying about getting re-elected and do the country a good deed by learning to give and take without trying always to place blame.

This country needs to get a handle on its spending. Perhaps the U.S. Senate could help by offering a realistic budget and the House by being open to some increased taxes. As a homeowner, I know that I can only spend so much before I need to borrow. When I borrow, I know I need at some point to pay the money back. It bewilders me that the president, Congress and all those in charge of federal agencies think that as long as we keep paying the interest, everything will be all right.

I hope that those who read this will contact their elected federal officials and demand better representation.

Anthony Antolik


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