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ANTHONY FRAZIER: Peace officers' memorial service deserves honor

on May 05, 2013 3:00 AM

While the county, country and, to a certain extent, the world are still in shock with the bombings recently in Boston, our attention is brought back to the brave work our first responders, police, paramedics and community support personnel have done and continue doing.

Last year, I attended the Indiana County Peace Officers’ Memorial Service at the KCAC. This event honors all those who serve as first responders, medical, firefighters, police officers, local and state et al, past and present. I was struck by the lack of community attendance.

While the program was moving and very well organized, I couldn't help but wonder where the community support was for that event. I heard many folks say, “I didn't know the event was even being held.”

Others said that they couldn’t get off work and still others, sadly, said that they weren't interested.

On May 15 from 11 to noon at the KCAC, the Indiana County Peace Officers’ Memorial Service will be held again. The hope is that Indiana County community shows up and supports at this event.


1. Because we support those who selflessly give their all for this community and the betterment of society in general.

2. Because these people are willing to die for us, and their families live with this fact forever.

3. Because our safety and security is their job, 24/7.

4. Because when disaster or tragedy comes, they run toward it.

5. Because our humanity binds us and instructs us to give back our time.

6. Because we care, and will hold nothing more important in our lives, that we will take a moment when the call comes to gather and say thank you.

7. Most importantly, because they always answer the call!

Over the years, Indiana County has consistently puts its support behind the veterans’ parades and Memorial Park events. Folks from all around would line the streets and fill the parks as a show of support for the sacrifices they make. So I ask you, Indiana, to take this article and share it on your Facebook page, Twitter account, website, news feed or iPhone, Android or Blackberry messenger. If you are so inclined, please add the event to your church bulletin or organization email list. By all means, share the event with others and feel free to invite folks from outside the county as well.

Answer the call Indiana County, and show the world that we need not wait for the next tragic or terrorist event to happen to support our troops, responders, and heroes.

May God continue to bless our veterans, volunteers, supporters and their families.

If you can't be there and are inclined to pray, please do so. Our freedoms firmly rest on their shoulders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!                                        

Anthony Frazier


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