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BOB COLGAN: Christmas a religious holiday for most

on December 23, 2012 2:15 AM

According to a recent poll by The Christian Post, two-thirds of Americans celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday, and 72 percent believe Jesus was born to a virgin. Eighty-one percent believe Jesus is the son of God. Twenty percent of Americans celebrate Christmas as a secular holiday, according to Rasmussen Reports.

The pagan ritual that Fred Learn referred to was just that ... a ritual. It was, according to history, a weeklong event in December called Saturnalia to worship the Roman deity Saturn. It just so happens that the followers of Jesus Christ chose to celebrate Christ's birthday during that week to overshadow or perhaps try to sway away these heathens from their life of brutality.

According to Webster, the words Christian, Christianity and Christmas are all derived from the word Christ or the followers of him. And the word Xmas is from the Greeks. The X is the first letter of Christ in Greek, meaning Christ Mass.

To go back thousands of years to pagan rituals and try to overshadow Western civilization is a gallant attempt to try to sway people that it is OK to ignore the true meaning of Christmas.

President Obama used the word God in his press conference after the horrific events in Connecticut. In New York City the carol "Joy to the World" was sung as Mayor Bloomberg lit the Christmas tree.

So what do we have, a God of convenience? Where is the separation of church and state during horrible events or materialistic tree lighting displays?

Of course, it would be wrong for state and federal offices to be open during this or any other religious holiday, Mr. Oswald, but understand this: It is also wrong to use God only when we need or want something. Removing the Ten Commandments or Nativity scenes is something that is wrong if a mayor and a president can refer to them in time of need. (By the way, Obama's tears were real and not put on as I have heard some say. He's still a father with feelings, folks.)

Please try to remember what Christmas is really about and honor it the way it should be honored. If you choose to believe in the Saturnalia aspect of the season, your choice. Just please try to understand what Christians believe and respect that. Merry Christmas.

Bob Colgan


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