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BRITTA BLAIR: Liberal quibble and entitlement

on June 11, 2013 10:20 AM

Gleeful quibbling was taken with my husband’s example of tyranny by a majority in a democracy, while evading the lesson that this is why we are not a democracy. We are a constitutional republic, (not Ms. Dembosky’s democratic republic, as in communist countries).

Yes, we select representatives by a democratic process, but that does not make us a democracy. Every elected representative, on every level, swears to uphold the Constitution. Period. Not to change it.

And, while we are being picky, Ms. Dembosky might note that the Budget Control Act she referenced (S.365) was actually signed in 2011, and was not a budget, but effectively a can-kicking continuing resolution that established the sequester to encourage agreement on cost-reduction priorities.

Liberals take issue with the role of the Constitution and our elected representatives. They call themselves “progressives” as a banner to lead the charge to make us something we are not: statist socialists. They in their hubris believe they are entitled because they believe in their cause, and because they “won” by the slimmest of margins.

Liberals are all about entitlements. They believe our government owes them something, and they insist upon it.

Conservatives do not agree. We believe liberals are not entitled to change our form of government, even if there were more of them. We believe that what we have is better than what liberals want to make us, and our Constitution allows, no, demands, that change must only be made through an established amendment process.

Liberals stamp their feet and have tantrums, yelling “obstructionist!” when anybody stands in their way. They label a lawful means of opposition by a minority, filibuster, a “strategy of avoidance,” as if this were a dirty word, having their way inevitable and resistance were futile.

Dembosky would also equate tyranny by a majority which is forcing change to tyranny by a resisting minority. I ask you, is it tyranny for a sheep to obstruct being eaten by the wolves?

To impugn the integrity of those who disagree with the liberal agenda by claiming that they only do so because they are bribed, and of my husband for approving that illegal act, is untrue and unworthy of this venue.

Britta Blair


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