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BRUCE LEGROS JR.: Trucking company in Clymer deserves credit

on June 13, 2013 10:59 AM

I am a married man and proud father of two young boys. I work two full-time jobs to help support my family.

Recently, I was driving to work in the morning and had an incident where my windshield was broken by falling debris from a coal truck from Krevel Trucking in Clymer.

When I filed a claim with my insurance company, they said there was probably no way the trucking company would pay my deductible since I could not completely prove this came from their truck.

They said that things like this happen all the time and the truck companies usually say it was not their fault … all except for one I know — Krevel Trucking in Clymer.

I felt I needed to give credit where credit was definitely due. Chuck Krevel and his staff were nothing but nice and considerate when dealing with this incident.

I reported what happened and shortly after received a call from Chuck, who said they would take full responsibility.

My windshield was replaced on a Tuesday, and I received the check in the mail for my deductible from Krevel’s on Thursday. As a hardworking family man, I know how far $100 can go.

Kudos to Krevel Trucking.

Bruce Legros Jr.


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