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CLAYTON D. HARRIGER: God's standards on marriage unchanged

on July 17, 2013 11:00 AM

Will same-gender marriage ever take place in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania? Yes, it is simply a matter of time for a number of reasons.

The same-gender juggernaut continues to aggressively move forward, winning victory after victory. Some states have already passed legislation legalizing same-gender marriage and others are under extreme pressure to do so. It’s like watching the childhood game of standing dominoes on end next to each other, pushing one over against a second one, and watching them fall one by one.

Not only are states capitulating, but church groups are doing a similar shift. In at least one mainline denomination there are clergy who have vowed to violate the denomination’s position on same-gender sexual practices by doing same-gender marriages!

It is a fact that our culture has defied Almighty God’s position on the value of human life and moral responsibility.

This has resulted in an overwhelming flood of immorality taking place. All ages are adopting a philosophy of “Sex is fun with anyone, or more than one at the same time, anywhere and at any time.”

The ruins of the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are a mute reminder that God will not be mocked. At this point in time there is no remorse that we have consistently violated His standards for a stable, serene, sensible, secure and saintly society!

Is anyone willing to make a sign that reads: “Here lies another nation that thought it could establish its own moral standards and survive?” A very qualified person to do this would be Kathleen Kane, attorney general of Pennsylvania, who has said she will not oppose efforts to overturn the present ban on same-gender marriage in the commonwealth.

As is the case with a growing number, she will discover too late that God’s standard and boundaries for marriage between one male and one female have not changed since the time He put a mighty universe together by spoken command.

Clayton D. Harriger


pastor, Gipsy Christian Church

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