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CLIFF GREENFIELD: Wiz Khalifa Day sends wrong message

on December 19, 2012 10:45 AM

Dec. 12 was declared Wiz Khalifa Day by Pittsburgh City Council.

Maybe you've heard "Black and Yellow." It's catchy and Mr. Khalifa is talented, but you need to listen to his other songs, like "Medicated."

Check his YouTube videos. This is what he sells: greed, drug use, womanization and the glorification of gang life. Is this the new status quo, for public officials to recognize and honor a man who promotes and profits from such societal ills?

You are now informed and probably angry, like me. What would the great Rev. Fred Rogers say?

What do you say to your son or daughter when he or she asks, "Who is Wiz Khalifa and why was it Wiz Khalifa Day in Pittsburgh?"

Is Mr. Khalifa the new role model for Pittsburghers? Is he a role model for your child?

This is not only a Pittsburgh problem. Mr. Khalifa was hosted by IUP at the Kovalchick Convention and Athletic Complex on Sept. 29, 2011. The concert was sold out.

As a Christian man, it is my duty to proclaim what is good, godly and worthy of honor. It is also my duty as a taxpayer to hold accountable those who threaten to take from us what is rightfully ours -- a life free from taxpayer-funded ignorance and disgrace. Mr. Khalifa is an entertainer; that is all. His values, as evidenced by the product he sells, contradict the founding principles of America, let alone biblical truths, do they not?

Greed, drug use, the degradation of women and the glorification of gang life are not the hallmarks of honorable men. Indeed, they are the hallmarks of dishonor, injustice and moral decay! And when public officials who should be championing our values of faith, truth, justice, freedom, equality, charity and law-abiding citizenship, recognize and reward such behavior, well, that is the hallmark of a society in ruin.

Yet, there is hope! The solution is for the men of America to continue to stand up for what is good, just and honorable and to stop rewarding that which is not.

Will you stand with me?

Cliff Greenfield


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