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D.J. SMITH: Obamacare symptomatic of U.S. illness

on October 07, 2013 10:20 AM

I am a 10th-generation American, as my Quaker forefathers settled in this country sometime around 1650 in the Hempstead area of Long Island.

My great-great-great-great-grandfather served as a clerk and teamster for a brigade in Monmouth County, N.J. Since he was a Quaker, we do not know whether he carried a weapon.

His son, Richard W. (Quaker) Smith, settled on the Cush Cushion Creek watershed on 1,100 acres he purchased in 1824.

I am writing concerning the fighting in Congress over health care. When I retired on Dec. 31, 1995, from Siemens, my company group health insurance was around $47 a month. It grew from that to about $134 a month by 2008.

The company asked me to work two more years, but I only agreed to work one year. During 1996, Siemens sold the whole worldwide X-ray division to another German company.

In the first two years of Obama’s presidency, the withholding jumped about $95 until it was almost 18 percent of my pension. I canceled my dental care to drop the withholding to 12.7 percent. This held until the end of 2012, when they canceled my medical coverage and set up a tax-free reimbursement account. For the first year (2013), it was $2,300 each for me and my wife. In 2014 it will be only $1,200 each year.

We use it to purchase coverage from Humana Insurance Co., but it is less coverage than we had before and would cost more than the account to have as much coverage as in the company’s group plan.

I am sick and tired of Obama’s drive to turn this country into a socialist police state with the government in charge of everything.

This is what the tea party people are trying to do: Stop the destruction of human liberties instead of yielding to Marxist socialism being pushed by Obama and his so-called progressives in Congress.

For more on the battle for liberty, see “The Rebirth of America” published in 1986 by the Arthur S. DeMoss Foundation.

D.J. Smith

Cherry Tree

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