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ERIN N. RICE: Hot cars are death traps for dogs

on May 24, 2013 10:40 AM

Many people remember the news story about Chico, the police dog that died as a result of being left in a car in New Castle. Every year, dogs die after being locked inside cars while their owners shop or run other errands. These tragic deaths are entirely preventable.

Dog owners need to know the facts:

Hot cars are death traps for dogs.

When it is 72 degrees outside, the temperature inside a car can reach 116 degrees within an hour, even with windows cracked! When it is 85 degrees outside, the temperature inside a car can climb to 102 degrees in 10 minutes and 120 degrees in 30 minutes.

A dog’s normal body temperature ranges from 101 to 102.5 degrees.

Dogs can withstand a body temperature of 107 to 108 degrees for only a short time before they experience brain and nerve damage, heart problems — and even death.

If you see a dog in a potentially dangerous situation in a hot car, please call your local police department, animal control agency or humane society immediately.

Bottom line: Do not bring your dogs on errands with you. It is not worth it.

For more information, visit www.MyDogIsCool. com.

Erin N. Rice


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