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GREG HARTNETT: What's wrong with this picture?

on July 28, 2013 2:20 AM

Recently I saw a glimmer of despair as a single mom I know (my daughter) voiced her realization that instead of working full time, she would be better off financially if she quit her job!

What a sad state of affairs when a girl works hard all week, pays her bills — including rent, car payment, car insurance, child care, phone and college loans with almost nothing left over — only to see other people have free everything, thanks to our entitlement-wielding government.

They get free housing, free phones, free child care if needed, and about $600 a month in food stamps.

I am sure she has felt the temptation to stop working and receive all the freebies that Uncle Sam is glad to provide.

It is hard to watch her struggle so much for so little, but we have to believe in the inherent value of working and trust that her child sees how hard her mom works and that virtue will bear fruit in the years ahead.

Here is the dilemma this administration has perpetuated: With the generous handouts that the government gives away, what would entice anybody to ever work?

Greg Hartnett


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