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JACOB WINSTEAD: Put an end to unjust property taxation

on December 14, 2012 11:00 AM

Everyone seems to agree that the necessities of life are food, clothing and shelter, so why do we continue to allow the taxation of one of life's necessities?

The property tax is an unjust tax that still remains within the statutes of law targeting and discriminating against property owners.

The other problem a property tax imposes is a question of legitimate ownership.

The imposition of a property tax is the assertion by the government that the land you own is not your property; you are a tenant forced to pay rent, rather than a citizen.

Should you attempt not to pay the property tax, other monetary penalties will ensue, leading to foreclosure of the home if no course is taken to comply with the demand. If any government wields such immense power over the landholdings of its citizens, is there anything that is not borrowed from the government?

While the property tax is the most inequitable of taxes, it also happens to be one that generates a lot of revenue.

This revenue could be offset a number of different ways, either by an increased, localized sales tax upon non-necessary goods and amenities, or any myriad of taxable strategies so the difference in revenue is covered.

Some people may correctly claim that one need not live in an area with a property tax; however, this does not negate the inequity of the tax nor does it resolve the question of ownership.

Although my main argument is for justice, there would also be many economic benefits to the county and its citizens with the removal of the property tax, not the least of which would be a growing housing market and more property owners within the community.

More people in the community would create a larger tax base for all other taxes imposed and create more opportunities for business.

Furthermore, a larger constituency will have a greater impact for our county within the state and federal government bureaucracies.

All of these reasons should make it clear that the property tax needs to be removed, and replaced, posthaste.

Jacob Winstead


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