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JANICE DEMBOSKY: God, the Constitution and guns

on February 27, 2013 3:00 PM

From the mouth of God to the ears of the Founding Fathers — this, presumes letter-writer Tim Mibroda, was how we got the Second Amendment. He calls our constitutional right to bear arms “an inalienable right from our Creator.”

God must have also whispered some “limitations,” according to Justice Scalia who said that there is an “important (constitutional) limitation” on the right to bear arms: “We think that limitation is fairly supported by the historical tradition of prohibiting the carrying of ‘dangerous and unusual weapons.’”

Though Mr. Mibroda doesn’t take the time to cite Scripture, this was the same kind of twisting of the Scriptures done by slave-owners to justify owning human property. Paul’s admonition, “Slaves, obey your masters; masters, be kind to your slaves,” was cited as proof that owning slaves was approved by God.

Exodus 21 says one has a right to defend against an intruder in the night, for he doesn’t know what that intruder’s intent is. But, says the writer of Exodus, if the thief comes by day, you will be held responsible for killing him, if the thief only wanted your possessions, not your life.

In Luke 22, Jesus tells his disciples to carry a sword for protection when they travel. The disciples say, “We have two swords!” Jesus says, “That’s enough.” Only two out of 12 carried weapons. Doesn’t sound like Jesus was approving an arsenal, does it?

“The tendency in some circles is to make the topic of self-defense (in the Bible) of primary importance. … The primary activities are fellowship with God, fellowship with His people … and living in peace.” (

Writer McClellan Blair renders his own presumptuous expansion of the intentions of the writers of the Second Amendment, saying that they gave civilians the right to the same lethal weapons as their opponent — for Dr. Blair the opponent is always the federal government. However, Dr. Blair’s expansion of the Second Amendment is not supported by the Constitution, according to Scalia.

Finally, Dr. Blair slips in some absurd NRA propaganda: “More are killed by knives and ball bats.” According to the FBI’s Expanded Homicide Data chart, Table 8, here are the death statistics from 2007 through 2011: 46,313 homicides by guns; 8,967 homicides by knives; 2,918 homicides by blunt objects such as baseball bats.

Presumption and absurdity are not good weapons for debate.

Janice Dembosky


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