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KAREN HIXSON: Roundabout would be waste of money

on August 30, 2013 11:00 AM

I live in the 100 block of Philadelphia Street. I had read one of the ideas that would make the roundabout a good idea was to slow traffic.

With my 20 years’ experience here, I can give you a cheap tip to slowing down traffic coming from the bypass.

Have the red light always on for traffic coming down the flight path on 286. Let a car trigger it to green.

Now it’s always green and the East Pike traffic triggers the light to go green for them.

Then, how about taking the 35 mph sign out from behind the telephone pole as you enter the borough. You can’t see it.

Then put a 35 mph sign up with one of those electronic signs flashing the speed you are traveling. Voila — cheap.

The gentleman who wrote in was right, the money needs to be spent on bridge and road repair.

Karen Hixson


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