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KATHLEEN WOLFE: Little changed since John Adams' presidency

on August 23, 2013 10:10 AM

I am currently reading David McCullough’s “John Adams.” The vitriol of the press during John Adams’ presidential years, and the intrigues and back-biting of Congress, both during his term and during the next presidential election, show me that nothing has changed in 200-plus years.

Today’s media, the conservative talk show hosts specifically, and the Republicans in Congress, whose philosophy seems to be “discredit Obama at all costs,” frighten me.

There was no bipartisanship in 1798; there is no bipartisanship today.

The book implies that, in many cases, the criticism and hate-filled pamphlets eventually backfired on Adams’ opponents.

The Republicans are digging a hole for themselves, and the voters just might cover them up when it comes time to vote.

We need some common sense here.

The Republicans need to look at the issues for what they are worth and not how they can knock President Obama down.

Kathleen Wolfe


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