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LEONARD ANDERSON: Where are facts to support roundabout?

on September 29, 2013 2:00 AM

Where is the published research by either PennDOT engineers or recognized major consulting firms to justify the East Pike roundabout project? Where can the public find answers to questions within the following categories?

(1) What are the cost comparisons of the 1980 era vs. the 2013-14 era for real estate condemnation, satisfactory relocation or financial remuneration of property owners, paving construction, environmental adjudication, annual landscaping, street lighting, traffic signal installation with annual maintenance and utility expenses?

(2) What is the recorded traffic flow showing traffic usage, traffic directional flow, peak times, number of delays?

(3) What are the statistical records showing the number of traffic accidents and their causes?

(4) How many complaints are received from East Pike residents, school district personnel, emergency responders and others who use the intersection daily?

(5) What are the known and recorded times to navigate the intersection, including slowest to fastest plus average?

(6) What are the survey results showing how in the most recent decade, usage of this intersection has developed critical and unsafe conditions that did not exist when the intersection opened under the present design?

(7) What are the original plus annual costs for traffic light installation, periodic repairs of lights and electric consumption?

(8) Using the hard dollar statistics from question 7, how will these financial savings created by eliminating the traffic-light intersection be amortized over the bond issue necessary to construct a roundabout?

(9) Will the roundabout or current traffic signals provide a faster ingress and egress for emergency vehicles and East Pike residents in the event of a terrorist attack on the East Pike school, White Township rec complex or Two Lick Dam?

Switching from fact to opinion, said research needs to be presented as a potential problem-solving hypothesis for rectifying and retrofitting this intersection before any plan to solve a current, non-identified problem based on nonexistent research is justified.

Wake up, PennDOT! Establish needed financial priorities:

• Fix the potholes.

• Fix the county bridges so the commercial and industrial users — farmers, coal truckers, gas well rigs, food service vendors, utility services and your own summer and winter vehicles — can efficiently navigate the entire county and District 10 at all times.

• Fix the South 13th Street-Oakland Avenue intersection.

• Fix the Route 286-Route 422 intersection before traffic at Walmart, Delaney and the Windy Ridge Commerce Park shuts it down completely at peak times.

Leonard Anderson


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