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LESLIE YOUNT: Effective Schools' candidates backed

on May 10, 2013 10:59 AM

Having children in the Indiana Area School District, I will be supporting the Citizens for Effective Schools-endorsed candidates for school board. These endorsed candidates of Doug Steve, John Uccellini, Deborah Clawson, Diana Paccapaniccia and John Barbor should be on everyone’s list to vote for.

This current board majority made several promises two years ago that they are not fulfilling. First, class size is on the rise with all of their cuts. Secondly, this board put the community into $17 million of debt with a bond issue that was mostly maintenance of buildings and very little, if any, educational improvements. Finally, they have not gotten parent and community involvement in district decisions. These three items along with another tax increase show this current board majority cannot be trusted.

If you’ve been to any board meetings you can see a lack of leadership from President Tom Harley and Vice President Walter Schroth. It’s time we have board members who have a vision for the future.

Doug Steve has shown from his previous term on the board that he will put the time into decisions that need to be made. He will make decisions that put the students and community’s best interest in mind through sensible research. Doug has the unique perspective of not only being a former educator but also a current financial adviser, so he can look at issues from both perspectives.

Deborah Clawson and John Uccellini would be welcome members to the board with their many years of experience in education, especially curriculum. At a time when tests are taking up so much school time we need curriculum-minded board members to keep this district moving forward in the future.

Diana Paccapaniccia is finishing her eighth year on the board and the biggest progress that this district has seen in many years was the three years that she was board president.

John Barbor, a local attorney, brings a wealth of knowledge to the board as he and his children are graduates of Indiana High School. He is also a proponent of the language arts that seem to be on the chopping blocks with the current board.

Whether you are a parent or a senior citizen, you need to vote for the Citizens for Effective Schools-endorsed candidates who will be fiscally responsible in moving this district through the pension crisis but maintaining the high quality of education in Indiana.

Leslie Yount, M.Ed.


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