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Letter to the Editor

on October 17, 2013 11:00 AM

I just spent more than $500 that I could not afford to spend and suffered a lot of heartache caring for a stray cat we found on the road recently, obviously very ill and dehydrated. She spent two days in the hospital.

After they did all they could, they sent her home, where I spent two days feeding her with a syringe, hoping she would recover. She died tonight.

This sweet girl was declawed, had obviously worn a collar and I believe was spayed, yet the owner either allowed her to escape and did not bother to try to find her (we checked the paper and the shelters) or, more likely, dumped her, probably because she was sick and they “could not afford” vet care.

The vet that ended her suffering tonight said that she sees this all the time.

Yes, I know some of these “poor” people, sitting in their homes, watching their large flat-screen TVs with cable, covered in tattoos, driving a nice car, etc.

What they should really say is that they prefer to spend the money on themselves.

Yes, vet treatment can be expensive, so some really may not be able to afford surgery or extended care. But, they should at least give their pets a merciful death then, not dump a sick, declawed, helpless animal on the road. There is no excuse. It’s just cruel, heartless and selfish.

Speaking of heartless, I won’t even address the number of people that just drove past her that morning. You could have at least called the humane society to come and get her.

If you cannot afford a pet or are too selfish to care for one, please do them and the rest of us a favor and do not have one!

They don’t need the suffering that your behavior causes, and neither do I.

Marcy Lapinsky


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