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Letter to the Editor: Anonymous gift a blessing

on January 22, 2014 11:00 AM

During the holiday season a very generous gift was left anonymously for the Celebrate Recovery program hosted at Homer City United Methodist Church.

We at Celebrate Recovery, while wanting to respect the donor’s privacy, are also eager to express our deep gratitude for your investment in this vital program in Indiana County.

Since we don’t know whether you are a member of the church or even of the Homer City area, we are using this public forum to reach out to you in a spirit of thanks.

In the last four years, we have seen this modest program, with the Lord’s help, heal many lives that were simply broken and nearly hopeless from the habits and hardships of life that have taken casualties among people throughout our communities.

Substance abuse, anxiety, anger, depression and eating disorders are only some of the needs brought to us.

Not all are success stories; but we thank God for every precious life that is. And we thank you, openly, for helping our ministry to blossom.

May God, and those who benefit from this program’s presence, bless you richly, as you have blessed us.

The Rev. Joseph Stains

Celebrate Recovery leadership team

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