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Letter to the Editor: Close door on burglars bearing imports

on January 05, 2014 1:20 AM

A burglary in the Greensburg area a short time ago reminded me of the similarities between how we protect our homes and how we protect our country. Just like the home that was burglarized in Greensburg, we protect the front door and leave the back door open. We send our loved ones who serve in the military to distant lands to protect us from terrorism and communism (the front door), while our back door (American companies selling cheap products made in foreign countries that put Americans out of work) is left wide open.

On a recent shopping trip to purchase Christmas gifts I sadly discovered that “Made in China” or made in some other foreign country has replaced the official trademarks for many well-known companies. I am now fearful of possessing anything that does not put my fellow Americans out of work because rich, greedy people have made it illegal to do so.

We spend hundreds of dollars to attend a football game to cheer on our favorite football team and its players (who make more money in just a few short hours than many of us make in a lifetime), then we stop on the way out of the stadium to purchase souvenirs that support the economies of foreign countries. Souvenirs cost us 10 to 20 times more than if they had been made here in Pittsburgh and could be putting our fellow Americans to work.

When did we become the property of the rich, greedy people in our own country, and how soon will it be before we have to learn a foreign language so that we can talk to our future landlords and bosses?

Terry Swindell

New Alexandria

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