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Letter to the editor: Closing North Seventh Street would be disruptive

on May 15, 2017 10:59 AM

I am the office manager of a downtown Indiana business. We were not a recipient of the survey regarding the closure of North Seventh Street. Although the possible closure may not have a great impact on our business, as a resident, I implore you to consider the impact on us.

I live on the north end of town (Ninth Street). Ever since the decision was made to restructure Philadelphia Street to two lanes, it is virtually impossible to make a left-hand turn from Ninth onto Philly.

The next option, Eighth Street, is restricted to a right turn only and is in dire need of repaving. Another option, Sixth Street, is also unrealistic. The light to cross Philadelphia Street stays red for an inordinately long time while the green light only permits two to three cars to safely pass.

The closure of Seventh Street would, presumably, increase the number of vehicles using these undesirable options. That leaves Seventh Street, which I consider a main thoroughfare.

During the six–week closure this past December, getting across town was maddening. With IUP being on break, there was, technically, less traffic. I can only imagine how a permanent closure would affect the flow through town.

My staff and I often dine in or grab something from one of the downtown restaurants for lunch. Closing Seventh Street would greatly reduce the possibility of continuing to do this.

I would also be concerned with the ability of firetrucks to respond from their new location.

Sharon Evanick



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