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Letter to the Editor: Conservative hypocrisy on display

on October 27, 2013 1:59 AM

Rarely does one have the opportunity to witness blatant hypocrisy openly displayed for all to see.

In last Sunday’s Gazette, Rich Lowry made the issue of Republican culpability for the government shutdown quite distinctly in his piece “The defunding debacle.” In their 40th-plus attempt to repeal and/or defund “Obamacare,” the Republicans in Congress attached yet another rider to a continuing resolution for budget funding.

As the quite conservative Lowry correctly points out, the Republicans employed an approach that “was a high-risk, low-reward strategy. As it turns out, there wasn’t even any reward.”

He also points out that the Republicans got most of the blame.

As many other conservatives have come to realize, and even Sen. McCain confirmed, sending another bill for defunding the Affordable Care Act to the Democratically controlled Senate and with a Democrat in the White House, was “a fool’s errand.”

In the next article on the Viewpoint page, Congressman Bill Shuster is beating his chest about his “courageous” vote to reopen the government.

He didn’t want the U.S.government to default on its debts, he claimed, so he did what he thought was the right thing and voted to pass a continuing resolution without the measure to defund the health act.

This would be courageous in this writer’s view only as regards his need to face the far right-wing contingent in the U.S. House.

Mr. Shuster never mentions the fact that he was among those who originally signed on to the failed attempt to defund “Obamacare.” This, of course, makes him partially to blame for the situation that caused the government to shut down in the first place.

His letter is only a shade worse than the actions of Rep. Michelle Bachman who was gleeful that the government had shut down, and then with bald-faced gusto showed up at the WWII Memorial to complain that it was closed.

Rep. Shuster takes no responsibility for helping to shut down the government by insisting that to continue congressional funding, the Senate and White House needed to repeal the President’s signature achievement.

Yes, even though much of the concept of the new health care law was an inspiration of the conservative Heritage Foundation, and was in large part similar to Romney’s law in Massachusetts, it had to be defeated once Obama thought it was a good idea and Democrats enacted it.

That, on the face of it, is a perfect description of hypocrisy.

Don Skillin


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