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Letter to the Editor: Cutting educator positions is a bad move

on March 18, 2017 10:59 AM

It seems a very sad time for most of the community when it comes to our students and teachers in the public school system. In an age where we are seeing pingpong tables replace handwriting in class, and bigger buildings replace valuable teachers, we have to ask ourselves where we went wrong.

Was it electing the members of the school board? Was it an absence of community leaders, or was it simply that the majority that speak out on matters concerning our children’s education fall on deaf ears? I feel very sad about the teaching positions eliminated by the school board. They are important positions for our children’s lives and minds that minds we are being told are no longer needed.

Does the school board really have to go to this length to build the monstrosity that the majority of the community does not want?

In my opinion, I chalk it up to ego and the massive inferiority complex displayed by our school board. We teach our kids how to take a test, but not how to write cursive. We have failed in so many ways with our children in a scholastic sense. Cutting educators is the last thing we should do.

Frank W. Johnson III


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