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Letter to the Editor: Determining the common good

on May 18, 2017 10:19 AM
Indiana, PA

I write this in response to Mr. McClellan Blair’s latest ride on his favorite hobbyhorse.

Perhaps, sir, liberals do not fear exposure to conflicting views. Perhaps liberals are simply tired of the narrow-minded rantings of the bloviating class.

A characteristic of the bloviating class is its determined fealty to ignorance of the common good enshrined in the Constitution.

The Preamble to the Constitution states that the government’s fundamental purposes include “promote the general Welfare,” which means to support and promote the common good.

We merely need to determine how to define the common good.

Of course, hospitals and doctors must be paid for, as Mr. Blair argues. But roads must be paid for as well, and clearly the Constitution does not guarantee Mr. Blair, or any of us, a road. The common good allows us, as citizens, to determine to pay taxes to create and maintain roads for the use of all.

Clearly, somewhere in our past, we, as a nation, determined that roads were to be part of the common good. We seem, as a nation, to change our minds every so often on the ideas that clean air, drinkable water and sanitary food are part of the common good and we relax or tighten our environmental rules accordingly.

We can determine today that we believe our nation needs and deserves healthy citizens, and we can determine that health care is a part of the common good.

Pennsylvania itself enshrines the idea of the common good in its name. Although there is really no difference between a commonwealth and a state when referring to the U.S. states, Pennsylvania names itself a commonwealth, a title it holds proudly and which should guide it in its dedication to the commonwealth or the common good.

We simply need to determine that the common good includes not only the roads Mr. Blair and the rest of us drive on, but should include pure water, clean air and healthy citizens.

Kitty Shryock Hood, Ph.D.



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