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Letter to the Editor: Disappointing development

on January 15, 2014 10:29 AM

I recently learned that Pennsylvania taxpayers are forced to provide Community Conservation Partnership program grants across our state totaling $38 million. Why are my state lawmakers continuing to drain my pockets to pay more dollars for recreation?

And a recent announcement of funding for trails in Armstrong County has been touted as a wonderful development to those collecting the cash — at a cost to taxpayers of $36,000 for Kittanning’s coffers and additional $40,000 for the Allegheny Valley Land Trust, a group involved in the Armstrong County Trail development. How about if we let the taxpayers keep their money to help them pay their own bills?

I recently read about how many people have had their utilities shut off because it is not an affordable expense for them. Instead of demanding and requiring government to stop wasting our dollars on these unnecessary recreational expansions, the article suggested more people should just draw more dollars from government programs and drain additional dollars from other struggling taxpayers, to pay their bills.

Allegheny Valley Land Trust officials are said to be happy with the sacrifices of the volunteers working on these trails. How about some hurrahs for the volunteer firefighters who have expanded areas to fight fires in, with the influx of more activity in these trail areas?

The dwindling volunteer fire departments are already stretched with a lack of resources, donations and manpower, along with added skill and personal energy requirements for already expanded duties.

These trail areas also require more diligence by homeowners who have them running parallel to their property. These trails can open up more opportunity for possible break-ins and other undesirable activity, as crime already is expanding around us.

Regina Liermann


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