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Letter to the Editor: District's democratic voice silenced

on April 19, 2017 10:59 AM

On Monday night, April 10, at the Indiana Area school board meeting, the democratic voice of this community was silenced.

Walter Schroth made a motion that would have allowed the top vote-getter of the May 16 primary to be seated on the IASD school board, filling the vacancy left by Mr. Edwards, using the democratic process.

In a counter-move, Dr. Deborah Clawson, together with her fellow board members John Barbor, Diana Paccapanicia, Doug Steve and John Ucellini filled that seat with someone of their choosing. These board members were given an opportunity to bridge the divide between the board and the community, to reach out and acknowledge the grass-roots participation in the democratic process that had brought people together of different ideologies.

They missed the opportunity to indicate to the community that they were listening.

No, these members took it upon themselves to deny us our democratic voice.

They seem to have forgotten that they themselves were elected, through the democratic process to serve this community. In their arrogance, these board members feel that they know better, that they are right, that we as a community should not have a say in our local government as they continue to pursue their personal agenda.

What was done was apparently legal, but it was wrong, it was unethical and lacked transparency.

Contact your school board members, state Rep. Dave Reed, Sen. Don White. Our democratic process should not be violated; it should be respected.

Let our voices be heard. Vote on May 16.

Cookie Moretti


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