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Letter to the Editor: Don't let NRA decide your vote in 9th

on May 02, 2014 10:30 AM

I’m an NRA member, but I am not going to let them tell me I should vote for Bill Shuster. See the latest NRA magazine issue. You see, NRA always supports the incumbent because he has a voting record that shows he supports the Second Amendment and their issues.

Art Halvorson, a candidate in the 9th Congressional District race, is also an NRA member. If you attended the Meet the Candidates Night in Indiana on Thursday night, you heard his response to this.

This time the race for U.S. Congress in the 9th District goes far beyond the NRA issues, gun control, hunting and the Second Amendment. It includes the “Track and Tax” issue that our incumbent is “considering” (prior to the election), but who knows what he will do after the election. So if you don’t want to be taxed on the miles you travel to work, to hunt, to get groceries or to take your kids to sports events, you better vote Shuster out.

As a retired forester, I remind you that trees are important to hunting in our state and country.

They are important for a home for wildlife, for firewood, for clean air, for building homes, etc. They were never meant for mass destruction to support the “out-of-control” hateful, negative postcards sent by Shuster.

I wanted to personally ask Shuster some questions after the Indiana event, but he slipped in and slipped out to his elaborate RV parked behind KCAC like a cunning animal in the wild.

Beware of enemies in the woods! There are members of the party “team” that know Shuster is not popular, so they are telling people to vote for the third candidate instead.

How stupid do they think we voters are? That takes away votes from the biggest threat to Shuster … namely Art Halvorson. And Shuster wins.

Come on, NRA members, think for yourself and vote Shuster out! It is time that a true conservative with proven military leadership skills, knowledge of homeland security and veterans issues, a love of hunting, and 29 years of service to our country is elected. Remember Capt. Art Halvorson for U.S. Congress in the 9th District on May 20.

Garry E. Leach

Marion Center

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