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Letter to the Editor: Don't tax businesses for being successful

on March 07, 2014 10:30 AM

In response to Tom Smith’s letter (“Don’t taxpayers already pay enough,” Feb. 12) and Josephine Cunningham’s reply (“Don’t misread lessons from history,” Feb. 21), I am one of those who has had quite enough of taxes. It seems that there are still people so focused on punishing the well-to-do or the energy corporations that they will shoot themselves in the foot to punish those that they feel are too successful.

I guess they just can’t seem to understand or they refuse to understand. The tax that they shove on these that they are so bent on hurting is simply thrown back in their lap as a consumer. Check out the gas pumps. Check out the grocery stores, too. Better than that, please enlighten me as what has gone down in cost due to taxing anyone?

Now there is a candidate for governor (Tom Wolf) who wants to impose an extraction tax on drilling. How about we just bring back pay toilets, too?

The time is now for people to come forward to show the politicians from all parties that you can’t continue to take from others. Governments need to work within their budgets. How anyone can feel that it is proper to tax energy and corporations and not have it come back to bite you is displaying pure, utter ignorance. By the way, Mr. Smith as well as other successful businessmen created and gave jobs to people to feed their families — and, one more thing, those employees pay taxes. Tax a business to death? Purely illogical thinking.

We all are extremely good at pointing fingers at others and spouting off as to what needs to be done by those who are in office, but I have to ask you this: How many are willing to put your name on a ballot and let these that we mock or do wrong in our eyes know that we mean business? Tom Smith showed guts and did it. How about you?

Dave Reed will probably run unopposed again. Yet I hear complaints all the time from people regarding him. Don White will probably retire or may run unopposed — again. There are other positions that can impact your life that won’t break you. Look at running for school board. Look into local government positions that need a change. If you choose not to run, then do the most important thing for yourself and your family: vote. It may affect you more than you will ever know.

Robert S. Colgan


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