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Letter to the Editor: Doubling minimum wage a non-fix

on December 19, 2013 10:20 AM

I’ve grown accustomed to shaking my head at Mr. Everett Dembosky’s frequent discourses on public policy, but his recent take on the minimum wage deserved more than a silent shake. Apparently he believes that doubling the minimum wage over a few short years would fix all economic ills, creating a comfortable utopia. The na￯vet← of this plan is striking.

Both liberal and conservative economists actually agree that a large increase in the minimum wage such as he suggests would have great negative consequences to the economy. Jobs would be lost and inflation would soar.

Everything we purchase would sharply rise in cost. I’m sure my wage wouldn’t double, I’d be making minimum wage. I’m sure Mr. Dembosky’s pension wouldn’t double either.

What then would be gained, a feel good non-fix that did more harm than good?

More votes for the politicians who put it in place? Not much good would come of it, that’s for sure.

Instead of attacking one political party he should be angry at both for their failure to govern responsibly. It doesn’t matter anymore which standard they bear, most are wolves in sheep’s clothing, be it red or blue.

If we want to improve our lot, a good place to start is cutting government spending across the board.

If all levels of government actually had balanced budgets we might even be able to cut taxes. Unthinkable!

Average Americans currently pay more than 40 percent of their income in taxes.

Even a 10 percent reduction would be a huge boost to the average household budget, and more meaningful than doubling the minimum wage.

Let’s stop electing people who promise the biggest handouts and start electing people who do the right thing. If the path to success is Mr. Dembosky’s thinking of “government control ... for the people,” I’d better mix up a pitcher of Kool-Aid and reread “Animal Farm,” just so I know what to expect.

Andrew Kinter


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