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Letter to the Editor: Drinking a big problem during IUPatty's Day

on March 19, 2014 11:00 AM

I am a student writing this about how disappointing it was to see our town and college not respecting others.

At the IUPatty’s Day celebration, a lot of wrongdoings went on. People drinking was the biggest problem, because college students stayed up late and drank through the night. The college students were on the sidewalks drinking, where drinking should not be allowed. The students and others that day made a mess.

Personally I believe that not many people realize that there are other children out in the town watching these students do bad things. People probably don’t even realize that the students could hurt someone.

When some drunken students jumped on a car, did they realize they were drunk? Or did they think they were just having fun?

After the celebration, there were students and adults who cleaned up the streets and sidewalks. Do people realize that those who cleaned up probably did not make the mess? Those who cleaned up the next day were being good Samaritans, doing what was right for our town.

Sierra Nehrig

Homer City

Age 14

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