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Letter to the Editor: Focus on state needs, not suing Obama

on August 17, 2014 1:19 AM

In response to Monday’s op-ed by U.S. Rep. Bill Shuster, “The rights of many over the will of one”:

I was born in the U.K., and I, too, am a great admirer of President/General George Washington because 12 miles from my house is a small mining village called Washington, the original home of the Washington family.

In February of this year I was granted U.S. citizenship.

To prepare for this I was required to study the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Gettysburg Address and some key events in U.S. history.

Even this short study made it abundantly clear that the Founding Fathers had assumed that cooperation, collaboration and compromise among all the parties concerned was essential for the successful operation of their brave experiment in a new system of governance.

The high points of American history happened whenever this was achieved, the low points coincided with any neglect of these values.

Rep. Shuster sets out his prime concern to be defending the Constitution. Yet he proposes to do this by suing the president?

This, to me, suggests a total lack of respect for the incumbent of the highest office in the land.

Perhaps Mr. Shuster can explain to us why Congress has managed to pass the lowest number of legislative bills for decades, has almost brought the whole system to a humiliating collapse, has failed to pass budgets or guarantee the nation’s creditworthiness. Why the House of Representatives, which has tried on 40-plus occasions to repeal the Affordable Care Act, now deems it appropriate to spend time and money to chastise the president for acting to tidy up one small section of the same act ?

It seems to me that the representative for the 9th District has spent too much time inside the “Washington Bubble” gazing up into the Rotunda.

Why does he not concentrate on the matters that really concern his constituents here in Pennsylvania?

How about some plans/programs to deal with:

1) Wage stagnation at a time when the cost of food, services and utilities is rising sharply

2) Protecting the air we breathe and the water we drink, along with general care of Pennsylvania’s great environment

3) Funding for repairs to potholes and decaying roads and bridges

4) Problems with K-12 education

5) The ever-rising cost of a college education

6) The erosion of savings and pensions

Gordon Knox


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