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Letter to the Editor: Four IASD candidates backed

on October 25, 2013 11:00 AM

This fall marks the end of the terms of three Indiana Area school board members: Diana Paccapaniccia, Alison Billon and David Ferguson.

Their presence on the school board represents strong voices for the education of the children of the Indiana Area School District. Their knowledge of and strong support for education in the district — along with Alison Billon’s service as a representative at the Indiana County Technology Center — have been appreciated. They bring a balance to the school board with their willingness to put forth alternate points of view and to discuss the important issues facing the district, especially over the past two years.

It is with this in mind that I am supporting the election of John Uccellini and Deborah Clawson, and the re-election of Diana Paccapaniccia for four-year seats on the school board. I also support John Barbor in his unopposed bid for the two-year seat.

In light of the proposals before the current board with regard to grade realignment and changing the district’s graduation requirements, we need to have school board members that have the best interest of the students and the community in mind.

These candidates have theoretical and practical knowledge with issues that come to the school board, along with the experience to ask the important questions to challenge the foundations on which proposed changes will be made and to guide their implementation.

It is important for our district to not only expect our school board to be fiscally responsible but also to be strong advocates for educational excellence.

That is why Indiana needs to elect Uccellini, Clawson, Paccapaniccia and Barbor to focus on educational issues and to bring balance to the Indiana Area school board.

Kathy K. Baker

Former Indiana Area school board member

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