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Letter to the Editor: Gas drilled here, but not all can get it

on February 23, 2014 2:00 AM

A paragraph in Robert Colgan’s Jan. 29 letter (“Leadership lacking on energy issues”) reignited a consideration I’ve had for some time.

In his letter he wrote about the absence of natural gas availability for the small communities and villages in Indiana County.

His pointed reference was the seeming lack of action by our elected officials to correct that present circumstance.

My wife and I reside here in the small village of Chambersville in Rayne Township. My family has been here since 1926. Just last year we converted our heating system from having burned wood and coal to propane. While there are natural gas wells all around this immediate area, the natural gas is not available to us and to perhaps 15 to 20 other households in and around this village.

Prior to our home’s conversion to propane gas heating, I spoke with a propane gas company’s representative. I mentioned to him the fact of having so many natural gas wells nearby and being without access to the resource.

He said to me: “You wouldn’t know how many times I’ve heard that from so many people.”

Using liquid propane requires such fuel to be delivered by tanker truck. That itself can present problems such as inclement weather, bad roads, etc. That said, it’s actually not as cost-efficient in comparison to natural gas.

One nearby gas well was drilled and its reserve of gas was never yet released into the main line supply system, so it’s held in a reserve capacity.

While it surely would be costly for a natural gas supplier to initiate supply of the resource to any and all who would want it, it seems that, in time, a profitable venture would be realized. It would also create many much-needed jobs.

When our country ships natural gas to other nations, we surely must have an abundance of the fuel. Let’s get the message to our elected representatives that we want some of that for our people here who deserve it.

Yes, leadership is lacking on this particular energy issue.

Lynn Hankinson


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